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Making English Lessons Relevant


English is a Language - It's everywhere and connected to every subject, which makes easy to find a topic that your students will find interesting. 


Do your students complain that they're cold? Don't let that stop them from learning, use it to start learning!



  • "Let's warm up our hands." (rub your hands together) "Now let's warm our ears." (rub your ears) nose, face, arms, legs, etc. 
  • Now we'll move - jump, run in place,touch your toes, do jumping jacks. Or do the Warm Up Song.
  • "Why is it cold?" "How cold is it?" Answers should vary according to grade level. Students can answer orally, write the answers or even prepare presentations and weather reports.
  • Are they still cold? Come prepared and offer them extra clothes - "Who wants a scarf, a hat, mittens?" 


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How do you do that - use songs to teach English ? 



Worksheets - Feel free to download and copy for classroom use.

Good Morning to the Sun(from English is Fun)

 This is a House/Colors, Colors(from English is Fun)

 A Long Short Walk(From English is Fun as You Advance)

 How Do You Do That?(From English is Fun as You Advance)

 Speak English(From English is Fun as You Advance)

 You Sing, I Sing(From English is Fun as You Advance)


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