Weekly Programs


Why make English fun?

 When English is learned as a spoken language rather than a list of words and rules  the language is absorbed naturally without a lot of translation and drilling. 

 When children learn English in a natural, non-threatening environment they feel comfortable speaking and understanding English in context. 

 Learning and retention of a foreign language are improved by the use of songs and physical movement.



English is Fun groups (in or after school)

Programs are available for children from pre-K through 6th grade. They are based on songs, games, drama, movement, stories and crafts. The subjects taught are those that are familiar to children and based on their age and level of English. The material for programs in school is chosen according to the English curriculum. 



 Familiarize students with English as a language and means of communication.

 Improve students' speaking, understanding and enjoyment of English through the use of songs, games and other activities.

 Reach every student - the variety of teaching methods, including music, rhythm, movement, stories, crafts and games, meet the needs of children with various learning styles



English Combined with Performing Arts

This is a unique program for children and teenagers who are interested in singing, playing a musical instrument, acting and/or dancing, regardless of their level of English. Students will learn modern songs as well as classic rock and theatre songs, practice drama exercises, perform on stage and possibly record their music. The exact program for each group is determined after a discussion with the students and according to their abilities and interests.



 Increase motivation to learn English by making it relevant.

 Encourage students to pay attention to the meaning and correct pronunciation of lyrics and slang in popular music.

 Improve speaking ability and comprehension in English.

 Proficiency in music and drama.

 Learn how to work together as a group.



* Experience English through songs, games and drama * An original and effective way to improve their curiosity and vocabulary via music and games * Discover English as a language * Improve pupils' self-confidence and fluency * Have fun!


Workshops for Kindergarten and Elementary School

 Activities include songs from the series "English is Fun", games, dances and more. There are no spectators, everyone participates.

 Workshops can be tailored to any subject and any grade level.

 An experience that won't be forgotten – after the workshop you will receive a set of "English is Fun" song CDs!


Drama and Music Workshops for Junior High and High School 

 Activities include music, drama, games, and more. There are no spectators, everyone participates.

 Costumes and props included.

 Workshops can be tailored to any subject and any grade level.


Workshops for Teachers

Discover ways to turn an English lesson into a fun, creative experience. The use of songs with young children instills in them the flow of the language.


Tools and enrichment activities, based on songs and games, which will help teachers to improve pupils' curiosity, self-confidence, fluency and enjoyment of the English language.

Activities including songs from the series "English is Fun", games, dances and more.

New, original ideas for incorporating musical activities and games into the classroom as part of regular English lessons.

Ideas for English Day based on subjects taught in class.

Workshops can be tailored to any subject and designed to meet the needs of your particular group.




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