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Making English Lessons Relevant


English is a Language - It's everywhere and connected to every subject, which makes easy to find a topic that your students will find interesting. 


Getting ready for a new group of students, or to meet your students again after summer vacation? 
Here are some game ideas to help you get their attention and check their English:


ABC Game – 3rd-6th grade (must know the alphabet and some vocabulary)

  • Choose one child to say the ABC silently, another to say "stop".
  • When the second child says "stop", ask the first child at which letter he stopped.
  • Children must bring you an object beginning with that letter.

Categories – any age, change vocabulary according to the level 

  • Begin a rhythm.
  • Say "Who can name some (colors, animals, healthy foods, adjectives, etc.) such as (give an example)".
  • Each child has to name a word from that category in turn.
  • Depending on the group, you may eliminate any child who can't think of a word on his turn, or who repeats a word that someone already used.


Drama and Vocabulary - 5th grade and up 

  • Write each vocabulary word on a slip of paper, or have students write words.
  • Divide students into groups and have each student take one or two words.
  • Each group must write a story using all of the words they received, and then perform it for the class.


Word Game - 6th grade and up

  • This game can be played between two students at a time or among the entire class.
  • The first student says a word in English.
  • The next student must say a word that begins with the last letter of the previous word.
  • For less advanced students the teacher should say the letter for the students.For more advanced students words can be limited to certain categories, a minimum number of letters, etc.


 All games are in the book Making English Fun.

Of course it's always fun to use a song. Here are some you can find here:

  • Good Morning/Good Afternoon, for children up to 3rd grade, on the CD English is Fun
  • Hello Everybody - 3-6th grade, on the CD English is More Fun
  • Let's Talk - 4-6th grade, on the CD English is Fun
  • Let's Talk More - 7th grade and up, on the CD English is Fun as You Advance



How do you do that - use songs to teach English ? 


Worksheets - Feel free to download and copy for classroom use.

Good Morning to the Sun(from English is Fun)

 This is a House/Colors, Colors(from English is Fun)

 A Long Short Walk(From English is Fun as You Advance)

 How Do You Do That?(From English is Fun as You Advance)

 Speak English(From English is Fun as You Advance)

 You Sing, I Sing(From English is Fun as You Advance)




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