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Making English Lessons Relevant


English is a Language - It's everywhere and connected to every subject, which makes easy to find a topic that your students will find interesting. 


Find out what interests them, and build lessons around these subjects. Let each student become an expert on a different subject and then present what they learned to the class, however they choose. Teach songs that they like (but review the lyrics first), watch a game and let them take turns being sportscasters, have them write a story and act it out.


 Getting students to speak


  1.  Create a comfortable, non-threatening atmosphere. Don't allow students to laugh at each other's mistakes. Point out that you also make mistakes but that doesn't prevent you from speaking another language. If they want to say something but aren't sure how, let them say it in L1 and then help them say it in English.
  2. Give them something to talk about. Ask questions about them. It shows that we're interested in them as people, encourages them to speak and helps them learn language relevant to their daily lives.
  3. Rhythm - Rhythm keeps things moving and helps pronunciation. It's a good way to have the whole class speak at the same time and still understand what's being said and hear mistakes (don't try to point out who made them, just repeat the sentence). Have some restless students provide the rhythm - they are often great at beat-box. You can find ideas for using rhythm and rap in the classroom for all subjects and levels in the book "English is Fun in Rhythm".



How do you do that - use songs to teach English ? 


Worksheets - Feel free to download and copy for classroom use.

Good Morning to the Sun(from English is Fun)

 This is a House/Colors, Colors(from English is Fun)

 A Long Short Walk(From English is Fun as You Advance)

 How Do You Do That?(From English is Fun as You Advance)

 Speak English(From English is Fun as You Advance)

 You Sing, I Sing(From English is Fun as You Advance)




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