For Teachers

 Making English Lessons Relevant


English is a Language - It's everywhere and connected to every subject, which makes easy to find a topic that your students will find interesting. 


Find out what interests them, and build lessons around these subjects. Let each student become an expert on a different subject and then present what they learned to the class, however they choose. Teach songs that they like (but review the lyrics first), watch a game and let them take turns being sportscasters, have them write a story and act it out.


Start out by asking some questions. These questions can reinforce grammar and syntax while allowing students to talk about themselves and learn about each other. To make it interesting and get their attention, add some rhythm, or start with one of these opening songs:

 Hello Everybody -  for 3rd-6th grades, from English is More Fun

 Let's Talk - for 4-6th grades, from English is Fun

 Let's Talk More - for 6th grade and up, from English is Fun as You Advance







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